Illumina Social Guidelines

Illumina Social Guidelines

The Illumina Federation of Astra, known colloquially as Illumina, the capital of which locates in Gannon City. Written by the Illumina Federation Bureau of Administration in cooperation with consultants from the Illumina Federal Council, the Illumina Federation military, and the Illumina Research Center, this book aims to provide proper guidelines for all newly integrated citizens of Illumina.


After completing the Dispatch Quest, you will have a chance to discover this book.
A section on Illuminan social and life guide, it mostly covers the core beliefs of the people of Illumina.
I. Submit to the exemplary leadership of the Grand Marshal.
To quote the Grand Marshal of Illumina, "Only the courageous dare to reach for impossible heights."
As the leader of the Illumina Federation and the undisputed core of the military, the Grand Marshal of Illumina is, without a doubt, a model citizen and an example for all Illuminans to study and follow. The Grand Marshal teaches us to treat one another as family and unites us all by strengthening our ideals and espousing self-discipline. The Grand Marshal regards all Illuminans with the light and warmth of a joyous spring day and protects them by eradicating their enemies with overwhelming might.
Should you find that your life is lacking in faith or leadership, the Grand Marshal of Illumina is undoubtedly your best choice for salvation.
II. Splendor Illumina, remain loyal to your duties and maintain a clear mind.
Whether you are fighting the Eclipsite scourge on the frontline, or unearthing discoveries of the ancient civilizations, every soldier of Illumina must recognize and uphold the responsibilities placed upon their shoulders:
a. To eliminate all Eclipsites threatening the survival of Aurorians.
b. To wholeheartedly excavate and research the remains of ancient civilizations, in order to further our technological understanding and innovation.
c. To restore light, glory, and prosperity of Aurorians and to this continent, in the name of Illumina.
III. Embrace glory and justice.
The defining difference between the Illumina Federation and other forces is our glorious mission to fight for all Aurorians, and our clear sense of justice to distinguish right from wrong. The Gendarmerie, led by General Inspector Nemesis, work tirelessly to ensure the unambiguous implementation of our dogma.
They are the overseers of the Illumina Federation's military discipline and defenders of our faith. Should General Inspector Nemesis see fit to question you, be honest when answering her and do nothing to aggravate this Enforcer of Justice. Naturally, if you are a true defender of justice and express your gratitude to her, you can also become her ally of justice.


After completing the Dispatch Quest, you will have a chance to discover this book.
A section on Illuminan social and life guide, it mostly covers the core disciplines observed by the people of Illumina.
I. Obey, but remember that everyone is equal.
In the Illumina Federation, military rank and position determine who leads and who follows, but those with rank and position do not enjoy any more privileges than the common Illuminans! This equality between all citizens is a crucial, distinguishing factor between our ideology and that of Lumopolis. In the Illumina Federation, we are not only comrades-in-arms but family as well! Regardless of your background, so long as you agree with and uphold the values of Illumina, you can pass our assessment and become a proud and valuable member of our society!
II. Ensure that your equipment is in working condition at all times.
Every soldier in the Illumina Federation has a responsibility to themselves and to their comrades-in-arms to check and maintain their equipment. This includes, but is not limited to: kinetic rifle maintenance, combat armor upkeep, and optimal blade sharpness. This is not only because Gannon City serves as the main combat force against the Eclipsite threat, and must be ready for battle at all times. If any instructor deems you poorly prepared for combat, they will submit you to a grueling training session far worse than facing a legion of Eclipsites. You have been warned.
III. Technology first.
The original Gannon soldiers were armed civilians ordered to emigrate here by Lumopolis, as well as all manner of descendants of Demi-humans and Aurorians. Initially, the ruler of Lumopolis intended Gannon City to be used as a bait to attract the attention of Eclipsites, thus providing only extremely limited support. Those brave soldiers and common folks faced all manner of trials stemming from the harsh environment, Eclipsite threats, and even Lumopolis itself.
Despite overwhelming odds, our antecedents never surrendered. Thanks to the tireless, dedicated efforts of many scientists and researchers, who strove to combine their knowledge of Luminatics with the ancient technology deep within the Gannon Undercity, Illumina designed all manner of Lumina technology to fend off the Eclipsite menace. In time, our technological knowledge exceeded that of other city-states. Today, our cutting-edge technology even surpasses that of Lumopolis, our home long ago.
For these reasons, scientists and researchers are highly-respected members of Gannon City society. Under emergency circumstances, scientific personnel and civilians must be given priority during an evacuation. In extreme cases, the protection of scientific personnel and their important equipment can be most highly prioritized.


After completing the Dispatch Quest, you will have a chance to discover this book.
A section on Illuminan social and life guide, it mostly covers cultural knowledge that all citizens of Illumina should understand.
I. The Military has First Priority
Do not think of Gannon City as an underground shelter, but as an impenetrable fortress. As a base of operations in our struggle against the Eclipsite menace, all aspects of life here are designed to prioritize the normal function of military activity. With Gannon City as its model, we maintain that all settlements within the Illumina Federation uphold its philosophy: the military takes priority over everything. If there is ever a conflict of interest between the military and other aspects of life (domestic/foreign affairs, the livelihoods of the citizenry, scientific research, etc.), unconditional priority and support should and will be given to the military.
II. The Promotion of Science
It should always be noted that, in the case of an Eclipsite siege on Gannon City, we have no one to rely on for salvation but ourselves. Only by studying the science and technologies of past civilizations can Aurorian-kind improve its efficacy in the fight against Eclipsites. Specifically, this means increasing our knowledge of Lumina technology.
It is only because of science that we have been able to repel the Eclipsite threat, improve the conditions of Gannon City, feed and arm our troops with advanced weaponry, and feed our populace through the application of advanced technology. In short, science is our weapon not only in the fight against evil, but in the fight against the vestiges of our pre-modern ignorance. The spirit of reason and pragmatism shall guide us to our ultimate goal.
III. Collectivism
"A single arrow is easy to snap, but a bundle of arrows will never bend." We are a social race of creatures, incapable of surviving entirely on our own, much less thriving. In the face of life's harsh realities and environs, all we have to rely on is the collective, for only the collective can offer us the support we truly need. When you find yourself alone in a strange town, you are protected by none other than the massive collective known as the Illumina Federation. Therefore, you should avoid asking what the collective can do for you, and instead ask what you can do for the collective.
IV. Reason and Practicality
Although we are creatures capable of emotion, our world is grounded in material reality. As such, empty conversations about the metaphysical should be avoided. Science is the basis of the Illumina Federation, and the basis of science is calculated rationality and pragmatism. Random conjectures, ignorant superstitions, and delusions of grandeur are the mortal enemies of reason and have been proven over history to lead people into darkness. Only the light of reason can dispel the darkness and help us not only face reality, but improve it.

Customs & Etiquette

After completing the Dispatch Quest, you will have a chance to discover this book.
As part of the guide on social interactions and living in Illumina, this section covers the code of conduct that every Illuminan should know.
I. Protect Illumina Federation Interests.
Throughout history, only the Illumina Federation has remained at the forefront of fighting the Eclipsite threat and led all Aurorians to eradicate the Eclipsites for world peace. Making the Federation great is necessary to fulfill the ultimate goal. Thus, all members have the duty to protect Federation interests and not withdraw when core issues are involved.
II. Protect Military Interest.
"The Truth only extends as far as the military's reach." Do not be fooled by the present peace. On this land, the positions of city states are determined by military might. The Federation was founded on military and solidified the many cities within it on that strength. Thus, we must be vigilant of any state with a powerful military. Regardless of their attitude, such states are potential threats to the Federation. All military interests must be protected, whether directly or in directly, predicated on not conflicting Article I.
III. Protect Gannon City Interests.
Gannon City is the heart of the Illumina Federation, as well as the last line of defense against the Eclipsites. Defending, protecting, and developing Gannon City is the creed no Illuminan should forget. However, assuming it does not contradict Articles I and II.
IV. Protect Research Interests.
It is the duty of the elite researchers to develop technology and explore scientific theories. Thus, every researcher is precious. And even when serving different bureaus, Illumina citizens should obey any researcher's command to perform special tasks, provided not contradicting Articles I, II, and III.
V. Protect Common Interests.
When circumstances permit, all Illuminans must band to protect common interest, even as temporary collectives. Without violating the first four Articles, one must always prioritize common interests ahead of personal interest.


After completing the Dispatch Quest, you will have a chance to discover this book.
As part of the guide on social interactions and living in Illumina, this section covers all norms every Illuminan should follow.
I. Follow Schedule.
Illuminans must have sense of time. In everyday life, every chore should follow a plan. Delays will impede the work of others. Therefore, schedules must be followed.
II. Be Honest.
Lies cannot exist in the collective such as the Federation. Regardless of intent, a lie will invariably cause harm to someone when the truth is revealed, and damage the collective interest as well, perhaps even irrevocably. Be honest and speak the truth is the responsibility of every Illuminan.
III. Follow Orders.
Every Illuminan must follow orders akin to an arm obeying the brain's command. Decisions from superiors must be carried out to the end without any deviation, refusal, or even insubordination.
VI. Keep Learning.
Science has no bounds, and neither does knowledge. The Federation is seeking technological innovations at all times. Every Illuminan must learn new knowledge to adapt to new environments. Do not fret over lack of talent or aptitude. Every Illuminan who learns is a true Illuminan.
V. Stay Fit.
An Illuminan body does not belong to just the person but also the Federation. Therefore, staying fit is protecting Federation interests. Reasonable training to improve physical attributes and declining to waste time on meaningless indulgence should be on the mind of every Illuminan.