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Northland Geographica

Northland Geographica

Not many people know that, aside from being the Lumopolis Guide, Ms. Blanc is also an avid traveler and a talented tour guide (though her exclusive guided tours are only for her closest, most respected guests). We had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Blanc, and this book is a compilation of the topics discussed.
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Lake Mirror

After completing the Dispatch Quest, you will have a chance to discover this book.
People often say that lakes are pools of tears shed by the gods themselves, and Lake Mirror is no exception. The oldest and arguably most beautiful lake on this continent, a great tragedy must have befallen the gods to have created such a place.
"Ms. Blanc, could you tell us more about Lake Mirror, the 'Teardrop of Northland'?"
"Of course! Lake Mirror, known as the 'Teardrop of Northland,' may just be Northland's most representative landmark."
"Although Northland maintains freezing or near-freezing temperatures year-round, the special composition of Lake Mirror prevents it from ever freezing over. As a result, it retains its beautiful, mirror-like appearance at all times, its waveless, jade-colored surface adding color to the surreal winter landscape of Northland."
"As for its creation, one legend says that many years ago, the royal family of Northland once traveled to this place. Inspired by the beauty and romance here, they painted a scene of such breath-taking natural beauty in their minds and, through magical means known only to them, made this crystalline lake and surrounding mountains a reality... But I think most people agree that it is simply a naturally occurring glacial erosion lake."
"On its western bank is a field full of white narcissus flowers, another facet of Lake Mirror's natural splendor. However, I must advise everyone to avoid setting foot in this place, since it is Lady Nikinis, known as the Geminos Mirror of Northland, who personally planted the flowers there, and they are as dear to her as if they were her own children. In one instance, a few guests disregarded the warnings and went to pick some flowers as souvenirs, only to be suddenly thrown into the frigid waters of Lake Mirror by Lady Nikinis herself. *Giggles* It's not easy to fish people out of that lake, you know?"
"And so, to avoid any unnecessary harm, please stay away from the flower field when visiting Lake Mirror!"

Windward Forest

After completing the Dispatch Quest, you will have a chance to discover this book.
Despite lying within the southern borders of Northland, Windward Forest does not share the same cold and bitter weather that is typically associated with this snow-covered realm. It enjoys warm and pleasant weather almost year-round, and it is said that the flora and fauna in these woods enjoy a prosperous life under the shelter of the wind.
Windward Forest is relatively humid year-round, with comfortably warm days and pleasantly cool nights. The forest bustles with life and activity, and is home to not only a plethora of rare wildlife but also beautiful and ancient trees. The Windward Monarch, the most famous cedar tree of the forest, is said to have lived for thousands of years.
You can expect to be greeted by a warm breeze, fresh air, and a host of human-friendly animals who make their home in Windsong Forest. This makes it a prime vacationing spot for all ages.
Oh, and if you do choose to travel here, remember to check in with Sylva, the forest keeper. Since he spends most of his time patrolling the wood and aiding the creatures within, you may also reach out to Leah, his representative in the nearby town of Holleton. The same town is home to a restaurant known for its delectable stews. For more information, please refer to the chapter titled "Gourmet Recommendations" in this book.

Northland Pine

After completing the Dispatch Quest, you will have a chance to discover this book.
At first glance, it may appear to be a hilly expanse, but according to local legend, Northland Pine's true appearance is known as the "Shattered Crystal."
After traversing the snow-covered fields of Northland, you can expect to find rest and comfort within the hills of Northland Pine. Cold and weary travelers are often greeted by warm cabins, soft beds, and piping-hot soup. Although the land is far from flat, the unique terrain blocks the frigid winds of the north with shocking efficacy. The climate is generally warm, even humid, and has given rise to countless villages within its hills.
In the distant past, the first settlers of these hills found countless green crystals in the ground, shining like emeralds. After further investigation, they found that the area was rich in these crystals, and some were as big as a full-grown person! Eventually, they came across an even greater discovery: the hills were actually giant crystals, themselves! The elders among the settlers concluded that the crystal hills were once part of one gargantuan crystal and that the gods had shattered it to form these wonderful lands.
Nowadays, travelers can expect to see these beautiful, natural crystals dotting the landscape in abundance. However, out of respect for local beliefs and traditions, mining of the crystals is strictly prohibited. Naturally, visitors are also prohibited from taking so much as a grain-sized crystal from this place. Please be respectful of this on your trip!

The Winter Palace

After completing the Dispatch Quest, you will have a chance to discover this book.
The Winter Palace, located in the center of the World's Spine, is a palace constructed entirely of ice. It is the home of Queen Bethlehem and the seat of Northland governance.
At the northernmost tip of the continent of Astra, the towering World's Spine mountain range cuts off all attempts to explore beyond their snow-capped peaks. Conversely, some say that these mountains keep our lands safe from natural and supernatural threats from both the Land of Eternal Night and the Land of Eternal Day.
This frigid mountain range seldom sees visitors and is the birthplace of the Aurorians, according to legend. Indeed, some Aurorians are skeptical of its status as a purported origin of their kind. Nevertheless, upon seeing the palace built entirely of ice nestled within the mountains, many skeptics have no choice but to recognize it as a masterpiece of their northern ancestors.
If you are fortunate enough to receive a summons from the Queen of the North, after making your way up the long, winding, frozen steps to the entrance, you will be greeted not with more cold, but with an inexplicable, spring-like warmth. Just from this single characteristic, it is easy to see why the Winter Palace enjoys a high degree of fame in Astra: the combination of ice, snow, and warmth can only be described as mystical.
Day or night, the Winter Palace radiates with a dreamlike charm. The light from the sun, moon, and stars penetrate its crystalline walls of the palace, infinitely reflecting and refracting, producing all manner of brilliant colors within its halls. Especially mesmerizing, however, is the effect of the Northland aurorae on the palace: during this season, the walls of the palace come to life with countless dancing lights and shadows. This experience is unique to the Winter Palace, and I was blessed with the opportunity to witness it once in my life. As a well-traveled wanderer of the world, I have seen countless natural and man-made wonders, but nothing could compare to the shock and awe that I felt when I saw the northern lights shine through the palace...