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Unknown Ancient Tomes

Unknown Ancient Tomes

It is said that the Unknown Ancient Tomes were written by the first Chief of Science and Tech of Illumina. It was a compilation of years of scientific and technological research on the ancient civilization, and countless experimental logs that are now lost to the ages. With the departure of this Chief, the Unknown Ancient Tomes were also nowhere to be found. Presently, only a fraction of the knowledge found within the Tomes can be found in circulation, though its authenticity is frequently brought into question.


After completing the Dispatch Quest, you will have a chance to discover this book.
An experimental file on the codename "Valkyrie" that was discovered among the ruins of the ancient civilization deep in the Northland mountains. A large cache of files and experiment data was also found in the area, but the vast majority of them had been destroyed or rendered unintelligible by unknown causes.
Project Valkyrie - January 15, XXXX, 10:00. Subject #3, Consciousness Coding Test, Attempt #219: Begin Test.
"Facilities and recording equipment are in place and ready to begin."
"Cerebral interface connection successful, entering the neural network of the test subject. Resonance imaging nominal. How do you feel, XX?"
"I... I feel fine. It's not so cold anymore. I'm just a little dizzy..."
"Based on your feedback from our previous attempt, we adjusted the structure of your hippocampus. This could be a result of that adjustment."
"If all goes well, you can expect to adapt to it within 24 hours."
"I understand... Um... Will she be here today?"
"She... She always appears... with her long, silver hair, and... Ugh!"
"The image is losing signal, Major!"
"You must calm down, XX!"
"Calm down! The person you're talking about... doesn't exist."
"Doesn't exist?"
"That's right... We're the only ones here. That person... perhaps it is a memory of a different subject?"
"I don't understand..."
"It's just a dream. You know what dreams are, right?"
"But... But I'm a homunculus... Do homunculi dream as well?"
"Of course, they do... You dream when you sleep. Dreams can be long or short, happy or sad... But most are forgotten a few minutes after you wake up. Same as natural beings."
"The signal has stabilized, Major."
"Good. You can rest now, XX. Come, close your eyes..."
"Understood... Good night, Major Hartman. I wish you pleasant dreams."
"Good night, XX. Sweet dreams to you, too."
Project Valkyrie - January 15, XXXX, 11:00. Subject #3 (Master Control System, Codename: NOIR), Consciousness Coding Test, Attempt #219: End Test.


After completing the Dispatch Quest, you will have a chance to discover this book.
Part of a scientist's manuscript, discovered in the ruins near the town of Baas. Reading it reveals that he had used his own daughter as the subject of grotesque experimentation.
Calendar Year XXX, July 14
Lilin's symptoms are worsening. My poor, precious daughter... But I have an idea. It will be seen as a transgression against God if I am discovered, and I will be beaten to death... But I have no other choice. Sayla... I wasn't able to stand by your side and save you, but this time... I will definitely save Lilin!
Calendar Year XXX, September 4
The experiment went smoothly, which is, I have to say, unexpected. It went way beyond my expectations! Lately, I've begun feeling more and more... peculiar. Something doesn't feel quite right. Normally, I am the one who designs and conducts my experiments following my ideas, but now... It feels as though someone, or something, is in my brain, guiding my actions! But how could this possibly be? After all, I'm a neurologist myself. The idea is positively laughable! In any case, the days have not been peaceful as of late. With all my attention devoted to Lilin, the funding for my experiment has run dry... Fortunately, I was able to sell our token of love to continue my research! Please don't be upset, Sayla. This is all to save our beloved daughter, after all. Right? Right?!
Calendar Year XXX, December 13
What a disaster! Those hooligans are already at my doorstep... I don't think Baas will make it to the morning. I'm so darn close to the end, too! Calm down, calm down... I've run my calculations on all nine replicas and their sensory pathways countless times... And their body structures have all been stable so far! That's why... it'll all be okay! I'm waking you up now, Lilin! You'll make it this time, I know you will. You and daddy are going to escape this awful place, no doubt about it! You hear that, Sayla? Watch over us, my love... I'll write to you again once all goes well! Everything will be okay!


After completing the Dispatch Quest, you will have a chance to discover this book.
A fragmented collection of pages from an ancient source, found in circulation throughout the settlements bordering the Rediesel Desert. It appears to be a record of combat, although the time, place, and identity of the combatants are all unknown. What is known from reading the pages, however, is the advanced knowledge about the technology of the ancient civilizations.
____ Report:
According to the "Scythia Highland 154 Encounter" battle report from __ days ago, the enemy is equipped with a new type of advanced weaponry that can change our current method of warfare. Based on the knowledge gained from the enemy transportation team that we ambushed __ days ago, this new weapon has not yet been produced in mass. Rather, it is likely undergoing small-scale field testing. I believe that the outcome of "Highland Encounter 154" has provided the enemy with satisfactory results.
Judging from our progress in the last three months, the mass production and distribution of the ____ battle armor to our forces had been a great success. Individually, our soldiers were as well-protected as small tanks while equipped with the ____ battle armor. Not only could they withstand small- and medium-caliber rounds with ease, they could also carry more ammunition and other supplies without encumbrance. In addition, the intel and communications systems built into the armor allowed every soldier to play a vital role on the battlefield. Considering our forces already controlled the skies, with our soldiers equipped with this new armor, our effectiveness when taking and maintaining control of enemy territory was sure to increase. Under these circumstances, I was confident that the enemy's resistance would rapidly collapse.
However, no one had anticipated the destructive potential of the enemy's new rifles. The fragmented, uneven terrain of Highland 154 hindered our airborne reconnaissance capabilities, effectively negating our superiority in the sky. In addition, the enemy forces were large in numbers, but scattered and concealed throughout the battlefield. Using their knowledge of the terrain and their new rifles, they shot and killed scores of our soldiers at a distance with highly-piercing rounds. According to our scientists' calculations, even the frontal plating of our main battle tanks cannot withstand their piercing power. Even more terrifying, is that these new rifles apparently emit neither muzzle flash nor sound when fired. The few surviving soldiers reported not seeing a single enemy in the presumed direction of the attack. According to the intelligence gathered by our spies, it is likely that the enemy has developed a form of active camouflage along with their new rifles. In conclusion, the battle at Scythia Highland 154 was pre-designated by ___________ as a field test of their new equipment, and a massacre of our soldiers.


After completing the Dispatch Quest, you will have a chance to discover this book.
This torn passage was said to have been found among the ruins near Old Town. It seems to be a chapter from a novel, or a record of some sort, on a legend of a figure known as "Dracula."
________ "Dracula! These ancient demons are like a curse unto us! Nay, a curse unto all living things!" He threw his sword on the ground, and said to the professor, "These creatures, born of the blackest curse, prepare for the eternal knight as if they were born for it. The sun is their mortal enemy, and the night is their sanctuary... They are as fish in the water."
"My good mayor, I don't believe this Dracula is anything to be afraid of. According to my research..."
"Well, have you discovered anything new? Have you found a way to rid us of this scourge, once and for all?"
"N-No sir, I apologize... According to my research, only the sun can kill them..."
"You... You call this 'research'? Stating what we already know?! These vile monsters have already breached the town, and driven us underground! If you don't find another way to kill these things soon, there will be no more time for your so-called 'research'!"
"A-According to my research..."
"Again with your 'research'?"
"It may be better... To join them."
"Join them?!" Shocked nearly out of his wits, the mayor picked up his sword and pointed it at the professor. "Explain yourself, and do it quickly."
The professor slowly pushed up his glasses. "Strictly speaking, I do not think these demons are incapable of communication. They are sentient, organic life forms much like ourselves! Dracula is wise, and can communicate most clearly. These demons are rational and can feel emotion, have their own social structures, and indeed an entire civilization unique to their kind. Granted, their feeding habits make it somewhat difficult for us to accept them..."
"Feeding habits', you say!" The mayor swung his sword, shattering a glass vase. "Their 'feeding habit' is to drain us of every last drop of blood in our bodies!"
"Perhaps 'feeding habit' is the wrong phrase. Rather, it is their weakness. They must feed on blood in order to survive, which in turn makes them fatally susceptible to sunlight. In exchange, however, they are endowed with longevity, strength, agility, and beauty..."
"A beauty as pale as death, to be sure..."
"So you recognize Dracula's beauty as well, my dear mayor!"
"Do not twist my words to your liking, professor!"
"But you must admit, sir, that under an eternal night, these beings are far more powerful than us. Perhaps this is the true direction of our future, of evolution itself. Even if you fear and despise them, what of your children? Or your children's children? The past was rife with hatred among different races, but over time they merged together and gave rise to new races!"
"Not another word from your mouth, professor!"
"My dear mayor, please calm down and sheath your blade. Killing me now will change nothing."
"Because it is already too late for you..." ________