Migration from kloenlansfiel.com?!

*Toc, toc*

Uhm... TL;DR; Revived Witch is shutting down, and we are moving to Kimaris.gg, Discord server too. Everything will keep working as usual. Yup, that's all.

Okay now on the... long post.

Revived Witch Global and Korea servers are shutting down on May 7th. Does this really affect us? Nope.

What will happen then? Why the notification banner?

Alchemy Stars[Global], Revived Witch[Global/Korea] and Revived Witch[China] will be migrated to Kimaris.gg. Discord server will move too.


Main reason was to detach the databases from myself, since I'm not the only one doing things. So, we will use the oportunity, and sice RW will shutdown on May 7th, we will rush some things a little, and push this migration forward *a month* (we originally planned to move on June 6th since that's when the hosting contract runs out).

Okay... What else?

Well, just a few things...

- All databases are being migrated to a new infraestructure, way more powerful one, so expect some things to be missing at start. *(Old databases will remain ON until June, but this saves on a few bills you know)*

- Revived Witch China will be properly updated with this, enabling all audios and everything that the current database didn't support.

- Revived Witch Global/Korea will be updated with stuff I never worried to grab the data for. And will be updated until we add every single bit of data from the game, even if it's closed already by then.

- Alchemy Stars... well, yeah, all the stuff that's... *FUCKING BROKEN* on the website right now, would be fixed on the new system.

What about Alchemy Stars tierlist?

Everything will keep working as of now, with probably some design updates, but that's all.


Yes. That's the whole idea behind this move, to be able to add more in the future.

- Klöen Lansfiel