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First Encounter

I'm Kanjira, and this is Punji! I hope you're not afraid of her ... Wow ... This place is sooo cool!

Suitcase Climate

The warm sun is one of our most important helpers in life! It relaxes people's limbs, makes everyone sleepy-sleepy, so they are too lazy to pick up their wallet on the floor!

To the Future

Wanderers always live in today and don't think much about tomorrow, but I already plan my future— I will live in a big house by the sea with all my friends!


What?! No, Punji ... You really heard that? ... Oooh! Someone is going to be ripped off a fortune for this!


Ah-ha! Welcome to Kanjira's ... Whatever this is ... 10 rupees for a ticket ... Thank you!


Punji and Manka hunted a hare together, but they then fight over the brain for a whole night ... *yawns* And I'm the only poor one didn't sleep!

Bond: Morning

Don't worry, Punji shows her toungue not to attack you, she just wants yummy food, like a rat or a frog. Its skin will fall soon, you can keep the beautiful old skin.


Can, emm, can you read this page for me? The pictures don't make sense. I guess ... Emm, the words will help me a little.

Bond: Night

Ah-ha! Found you ... Good, very good ... Everybody is here ... Things can't get any better.

Hat and Hair

You like my hairband? Thank you. You can try it on too.

Sleeves and Hands

I use these hands to put food on the table — like shuffling cards, doing coffee reading, and stea- ... taking coins.

Clothing and Torso

Heh-heh, never doubt how quick a girl can move. She can easily slip away under your nose even if she's wearing skirts.


This is how you enjoy a slice of old bread! You just wipe off the phaphoondee (mould) on top ... Oh, remember! Use your finger, not the knife! Always use the fingers if you value the food, or you will cut off too much ...


Aah-ah ... it is very difficult to support a big family. I totally understand!


This! Read this paper! ... Yes! From the page with rainbows and windmills ...

Chitchat Ⅰ

I didn't understand why my parents left me in the village when they went out for work. But as soon as I step on the gas of our caravan, I realized that although they are not here, they left me our home. Vertin ... Do you remember the first time you opened the suitcase?

Chitchat Ⅱ

Matilda and I are neck and neck in Divination, but you'd need more than that to make a living on the streets. I can really teach her a thing or two.


Poverty is a deep deep trap where my people have been struggling uselessly for generations. Nobody wants to be poor or homeless. But we have no choice but to accept it and keep moving forward.


Punji, we got a new job!


Emm ... That'd cost you a little extra!

Select Incantation Ⅰ

No problem, easy-peasy!

Select Incantation Ⅱ

Oh, good taste!

Select 3-star Incantation

Hmm, that's for another price.

Select Ultimate

Errr ... Can I reprice it?

Cast Arcane Skill Ⅰ

Punji, now!

Cast Arcane Skill Ⅰ

Em-hmm … Watch your back!

Cast Arcane Skill Ⅱ

Oh ... This is no good.

Cast Arcane Skill Ⅱ

Em-hmm! I can see it clearly.

Summon Ultimate

The star has moved. So will the mortal's fate.

Incoming Ⅰ

Aah ...!

Incoming Ⅱ

F, flee ...!

Battle Victory

He-he, namaste, stupid heads!


I've grown, right?!

Bottom of Insight

Emm ... Sherjah will let me go further to other towns if I learned another 500 words! Okay, did I get my name right ...?