Backstory 1

She is a princess who will inherit the crown of the Principality of Holmgard in the Far North, but she really hates life inside the castle.
Though often reprimanded by her father for sneaking out, she cares little of his scoldings.

Backstory 2

Often misunderstood as a pretty face with a heart of ice, she actually has a naive personality, which makes her the most popular young girl in the country.
Every time before sneaking out of the castle, she has to carefully disguise herself to avoid recognition.

Backstory 3

She enjoys sitting by the lake at night and admiring the beautiful starry sky.
As it is written in the poems, above the bright river of stars, the North Star guiding the northern vault of heaven is the most dazzling, by which the people of Holmgard can navigate, and the soothsayers can foretell the future of the country.

Backstory 4

Lilia yearns for a free life, so she secretly leaves her hometown and embarks on a long-awaited trip.
But she can not restrain the complex feelings of homesickness that haunt her during the journey.
"Is there any difference between here and my hometown? The gorgeous aurora of my hometown, the stunning sight known as the Celestial Colors..."