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Backstory 1

Unlike the many courtières and socialites of Muntenian royalty, Matveiffe preferred her peace and quiet out on deserted balconies and gardens. She spent many nights staring into space, enraptured by the stars in the sky.
Those around her gossiped behind her back, pointing out her antisocial tendencies, but Matveiffe herself paid them no mind.

Backstory 2

One day, Matveiffe heard the call of a mysterious voice. "Join us, young one. Here, you will come to know the truth of the world."
Fascinated by the unknown, she left home without a word, following the mysterious voice calling her to adventure.

Backstory 3

After Matveiffe's disappearance, people guessed at where she had gone; lost in the wildnerness on a stargazing trip gone awry, or eloped with some peasant boy in the country. They soon put the strange stargazing girl out of their minds.
Several years later, Matveiffe's return sent shockwaves through Muntenia. She was, however, no longer the same stargazing girl they once knew. Her cold gaze belied her perception of the frequencies that bound all things, and her manipulation of those same frequencies to warp, crush and otherwise destroy everything she laid eyes on.

Backstory 4

The Muntenian leadership quickly found Matveiffe. They had been desperate to find anything or anyone that could stand up to the monster of Pannonia—the Annihilator of Existence. And in Matveiffe, they found their answer.
"The mind is prone to deviate. All I do is correct it, while creating new deviations."