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Song of Lumopolis

Song of Lumopolis

A tome that supposedly was once housed in a Lumopolis Temple. Due to the obscure and esoteric contents, it was never released for public readership. After reappearing from a mysterious, century-long absence, it was transcribed and distributed en masse and became a well-known title by all.


After completing the Dispatch Quest, you will have a chance to discover this book.
The faithful shall know Revelation. Prostrate thyself and hearken, with awe and compassion in thine heart.
The unfaithful shall never know Revelation. Doomed are they, to live blindly in ignorance and lawlessness.
Those who know Revelation shall know war, but shall also escape destruction.
Those who do not know Revelation shall escape war, but shall also live as broken people.
The God of Light's Revelation is to give life and hope to all Aurorians, to instruct them on all that is necessary, and to send messengers to spread the faith to all Aurorians. The God of Light's ways, as well as the testament of the White Night, are proven to Aurorians by all that they see. Those who heed the prophesies and scriptures within this tome are believers, and shall be blessed by the God of Light.
The seven temples in the White Night above, the saints of the past, present, and future, and all who bear honest witness to the glory of the God of Light shall persevere. They shall survive the eternal cycle of day and night, and overcome all natural catastrophes, demonic adversaries, and the sins of their forbears.
The land will lay its eyes upon a demon in the White Night above. As it descends upon the world, the land will shed bitter, stinging tears of blood, and all shall know the truth.
The God of Light shall proclaim, "I am the root, the mysterious and the mundane. I am the creator and the destroyer of civilizations past. I am the god of all Aurorians, as well as their brother. I stand with all Aurorians in this kingdom of suffering, so that we may suffer and endure in unity, and so that they may witness my way and the testimony of my saints."
On that fateful day, the masses were moved by the testimony of the saints, and they heard a messenger of the God of Light calling in the distance, saying, "All that you have seen and heard today, you shall write down in a book to be sent to the seven temples of Lakhbin, Salus, Damocles, Grandi, Sardinia, Gannon, and Troy."
The God of Light appeared in the sky above, speaking to the saints. When the Aurorians before them turned to look, they saw seven golden candlesticks. In the middle stood a figure resembling an Aurorian. Clad in long robes with a golden belt across his breast, his hair and beard were white as the purest snow. His eyes burned like fire, and his feet shone like bright copper tempered in the hottest furnace. His face shone like the sun, and his voice resonated like crashing ocean waves. In his right hand, he held a bundle of pure light. In his left, a great and terrible double-edged sword.
The Aurorians fell to the ground before this resplendent sight, as though in deathly throes. The radiant man laid his right hand on the heads of the Aurorians, gently speaking to them all. "Do not be afraid, for I am the first and the last. I am the one who lived and died, and now lives forever and ever. I shall grant you the keys of hell and death, that you may write down what you have seen today, what is happening now, and what will happen in the future."
War shall come to all.


After completing the Dispatch Quest, you will have a chance to discover this book.
"The God of Light shall fight for all, so all must keep still and keep silent.
The God of Light parts seas and breaks mountains, so all must keep still and keep silent."
When the Revelation came, a messenger broke the first seal. He saw an Aurorian atop a white horse in the sky, wearing a blood-colored crown and raining arrows upon the land.
When the second seal was broken, an Aurorian atop a red horse emerged. The demon bestowed a sword upon the Aurorian, and thus did it snatch peace from the land, causing the people to kill one another.
When the third seal was broken, a dark horse appeared, its rider holding a balance and saying, "One sin, one good act, one life, and one judgment."
When the fourth seal was broken, a dead Aurorian atop a gray horse emerged, leading the denizens of hell to wreak havoc upon the land. Thus did the dead Aurorian rider spread war, famine, plague, and the Eclipsite menace unto the people of the world.
When the fifth seal was broken, countless people clad in white bore witness to the destruction, and recorded the names of the fallen.
When the sixth seal was broken, the earth shook, the sun turned black as the abyss, and a full moon hung in the sky, red as blood. The stars in the sky began to fall like unripe fruit from a storm-shaken tree. The sky roiled and curled upon itself like a scroll. All people, be they king or subject, merchant or minister, slave or master, took shelter in caves and under rocks. On the precipice of the ultimate battle between the God of Light and the demon, none could stand in their presence.
Soon after, an Aurorian from the land where the sun rose stood up. Holding aloft the seal of the God of Light, he proclaimed: "The sky, the earth, the sea, and the trees: none shall hurt the servants of the God of Light until they bear the sign on their forehead."
When the messenger broke the seventh seal, the world fell silent. The messenger summoned an Aurorian and bestowed seven horns upon its head. The Aurorian sounded the trumpet, one time after another.
The first time the trumpet was blown, fire and bloody hail rained from the sky, and all the green grass of the world withered and burned.
The second time the trumpet was blown, a mountain of flames crashed into the sea, killing all the creatures within and turning it into a blood-soaked, muddy wasteland.
The third time the trumpet was blown, a burning meteor descended like a torch from the sky, drying up all the rivers and springs in the world.
The fourth time the trumpet was blown, the sun, the moon, and the stars were struck from the sky, enveloping the world in perpetual darkness.
The fifth time the trumpet was blown, a bottomless pit appeared in the ground, smoke and fire erupting from it. Countless iron-clad locusts emerged from the pit, attacking those who did not bear the mark of the God of Light.
The sixth time the trumpet was blown, a voice rang out saying, "Release the imprisoned souls of the past." An army of 300 million horsemen appeared riding armor-clad horses, their bodies burning with purple flames and exuding the stench of sulfur. The heads of the horses resembled those of lions, with fire, smoke, and sulfur streaming out of their mouths. "Go forth and slaughter those who committed murder, sorcery, betrayal, and theft without the slightest repentance."
The seventh time the trumpet was blown, an Aurorian appeared, his head like the sun and his feet like blazing pillars of flame. He stood with his right foot atop the sea, and his left atop the land, and roared louder and with more ferocity than a lion. When his roaring ceased, the messenger proclaimed that all was complete, and that he bore joyous news for all servants of the God of Light.
"Whosoever bears the seal of our god shall live for all eternity, regardless of their lot in this life. Should you bear falsehoods against others as a bearer of the seal, you too shall drown in the scourge of war. Those bearing the seal shall cross this threshold, and be tested by fire and blade."
Judgment shall come to all.


After completing the Dispatch Quest, you will have a chance to discover this book.
"Between the two creations, a judgment shall be made, that everyone may know our God of Light's way.
Those who worship Him, and those who don't believe, shall all be made to answer for their lives without reprieve."
War and strife continued to plague the world, but those with the seal of the God of Light were able to see the messenger, who proclaimed, "The time for judgment has come. Whoever bears the seal should worship the one who created the heavens, the earth, the sea, and all life."
There was a loud noise in the distance, as the city where people indulged in their sins came crashing down.
There was another shout. A group of people, who came to worship wild beasts and bore their marks on their hands and foreheads, attempted to cross the threshold, but were scorned by the God of Light's messenger. "Idol worshippers shall know nothing but suffering in fire and brimstone!" And so they were damned to eternity in hell.
Another voice in the sky proclaimed, "From this day forth, it shall be written that all who bear our God's seal shall be blessed, even after death. Our followers shall know the fruits of their labor long after their labor ends."
An Aurorian appeared atop a cloud in the sky, wearing a crown of gold and wielding a sharp sickle in his hands. Shouting, he said, "The harvest is nigh, as the crops in the ground and the fruits in the trees are now ripe."
And so, within a day, every manner of disaster fell upon the earth in excess. Death, sorrow, famine, plague, and war laid siege to all living creatures, for their sins were ripe, as well.
The extant king of the earth wept and mourned at the sight of the smoke and fire that would consume him. Those who had indulged him and their own desires cried out, for they shared the same fate.
Merchants, too, wept and despaired, for there were none to buy their goods. Gold, silver, gems, and silks; incense, spice, and all manner of ointments; wood, dairy, wine, and flour; cattle, sheep, carts, and horses. Servants and masters, all were affected. The merchants wept and moaned, knowing that their riches meant nothing, and their wealth was meaningless.
The common folk played their instruments and danced, but they could no longer hear or see, and thus their merriment was folly. Light loses its brilliance, joy loses its laughter, knowledge loses its appeal, and all that remains is nothing.
And those bearing the seal shall say from the heavens, "Salvation, glory, and power to the God of Light, for his judgment is righteous, and so too is his punishment. Praise him, and cross the threshold from now until the end."
Eternity shall come to all.


After completing the Dispatch Quest, you will have a chance to discover this book.
"All your requests shall be granted,
And all of your vows repaid.
Remember my words for eternity, and the promise that has been made.
Revelation shall be everlasting."
The smoke, the sin, and the evil of the world could not cross the threshold. A voice at the gate said, "The kingdom of the earth is now the kingdom of the God of light, now and forever."
Those bearing the seal heard the voice of the messenger say, "Praise the God of Light, for he is our ruler."
As such, those bearing his seal rejoiced, for his glory was given to them all. They donned clothes of the purest white, a symbol of their righteousness.
The messenger spoke, "Let it be written: blessed are they who bear his seal on their forehead. This is the true word of our god."
The believers fell at the messenger's feet, praising him, but to this he responded, "Stop this, for we are all his servants. Worship none but the God of Light, for the meaning of his prophesy is to bear witness to his splendor."
"An Aurorian shall descend from the sky, holding a great chain and the key to the bottomless pit. He shall round up all of the demons, binding them in chains and casting them into the bottomless pit. With the key, he shall seal them away, so that they can no longer cause harm. Only when the sealed begin to lose their way, will the demons be briefly allowed to return to the world once more."
The messenger, wielding his authority as an agent of the God of Light once more, summoned the souls of those who were wrongfully executed, of those who neither worshiped the image of the beast nor bore its mark, and brought them back to life to rejoice with the others. This was the first resurrection, and those who were not a part of it would have to wait one million years.
Those who were part of the first resurrection were blessed, pure, and joyous. They would never experience death for a second time, and would act as priests and messengers of the God of Light for one million years.
After one million years, the demons will emerge from the pit to confuse the people on earth and call them to battle. Their followers shall be as numerous as the grains of sand in the desert, and will cover the earth as they surround the settlements of the sealed. The God of Light shall then rain fire from the heavens to burn them away. The demons shall be cast into a lake of fire and brimstone with the beast, to suffer and burn for all eternity.
Before a white throne, the dead shall stand without exception. The records of every man, woman, and child shall be laid bare, and all will be judged by what is written in these records. Thus did the land, the sea, and all of hell offer their dead for judgment, and were thrown into the lake of fire. This was the second death.
A new heaven and earth could be seen, for the time had passed for the previous ones. A new, resplendent city was prepared, and sent down from the heavens. A voice rang out, saying, "Behold, our god now lives and reigns on earth, for he wishes to live among us as our neighbor and our savior."
"The God of Light wishes to wipe the tears from our eyes, and do away with death, sadness, pain, and suffering, for it is all in the past now."
"See now, that all has been made anew. Let it be written, that these things are true, and my words are true."
"All is complete. We are the beginning and the end, and the victorious shall inherit all of this. The glory of our God shines in the city, brighter than the most priceless gem, and clearer than glass. The gates of the city shall never close, for the night will no longer come. Those who are unclean, who lie and commit atrocities, shall never enter this place."
"Through the city courses the River of Life, glittering like crystal. It nourishes the trees on its banks and, in turn, their fruit nourishes the people and cures them of all suffering and affliction."
Thus, the messenger spoke, "Do not seal away the prophecies of this book, for these days are nigh upon us."
Revelation shall come to all.