Development and updates on this website have come to an end. There won't be any more update in the foreseeable future.
More details here

It has come to an end!

Hi there! Klöen and Phantaminum here. Let us go straight to the point. We are done, done maintaining the databases, done maintaining the website.

What will happen now?

Everything will keep working until the license for the database software expires. Technically it has already expired. So cross your fingers.
User data and login will be disabled / removed within 30 days. If you wish to keep a backup of any of your data, let us know at
All social links have been removed from the website. Discord server is effectively closed. Patreon has been paused for June. And will be disabled / deleted by the end of June. Ko-fi will be deleted too.


Plenty reasons, but let us list a few:
- Time.
- Want to pursue other projects, both IRL (starting an actual business, buying a house, etc.) and online.
- Unable to find a suitable substitute.
Phantaminum: Not a helper or contributor, someone that would replace Klöen entirely as he would have exit the project on July anyway.
- Many hours lost fighting the database software license changes. Those implied that we could no longer offer the databases as we used to, due to certain new limitations.
Klöen: Honestly, I'm done being ghosted after being approached by them in the first place. And don't want to do, yet another rewrite.

Will Kimaris ever come back?

Long answer is that we were working on a new vision for Kimaris for about a month or so. While it was looking good, and I would love for it to continue, reality is way different. Whether that will become the future or just another scrapped idea... Time will tell, but as of now. I don't have an answer for that. And I doubt it will be as Kimaris anyway.
- Klöen and Phantaminum