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Backstory 1

She is the Sword Master only existing in ancient records.
She is said to be the holder of the Sword of Ego. With a sword skill as magnificent as stardust, she saved the world by defeating the Demongod Gordia in ancient times.
There is nothing in the records to show her appearance. The public only knows she is a maiden who teamed up with Dana, Goddess of the Lake, and Acheronte, the ruler of the Underworld to defeat the Demongod.
Since then, her name has never shown up in the records.

Backstory 2

Akasha is the name of the Sword of Ego and its holder often goes by the same name.
It's believed that the Sword is injected with the will of its holder so it will never get rusty; in return, the holder will also be blessed with eternal youth.
Thus the holder may be the same one for a thousand years.
Some witnesses claim to have seen the holder of Sword of Ego, but no one can be sure if she is the Sword Master who originally saved the world.
There are also clues from children that she often lies in a field of flowers and her eyes are clear as the sky.

Backstory 3

Many speculate that Akasha has long ago passed away because everything could happen during a thousand years.
However, a maiden alleging that she is the apprentice of Akasha showed up in the Upper Domain, and according to what she said, Akasha has stopped wielding the sword and now lives a reclusive life, far from the uproarious world.
This apprentice also confirmed that the maiden lying in the flower field is Akasha.
When asked whether she could perform the same swordplay as magnificent as Akasha, the apprentice indicated that she couldn't with a wave of her hand.
The apprentice is a human whose body can't bear the burden of performing Meteor Slash so Akasha didn't teach her this unique skill.

Backstory 4

Akasha privately is a fan of cute things though she never admits it.
Someone witnessed that Akasha looked around in the flower field to make sure no one was around, and then carefully picked up a bunny, rubbing her face against its hair.
When spotted, Akasha straightened her face, knocked out the passer-by with incredible agility, and quickly ran away.
The person who secretly observed this was just shocked and couldn't believe this maiden was the legendary Sword Maiden of Shooting Stars who beat the Demongod to save the world.