Backstory 1

Looking like an awful lady, she actually is one of the high-status Six Ovates in Fomoire. She inherits the bloodline of Hameln, in charge of the "Cròg (Claw)".

Backstory 2

People fear her more because of her hybrid appearance.
The Hameln bloodline is mixed with wolf blood, but the majority of the clan maintain human appearances and act just like the ordinary folks do.

Backstory 3

Raphan is an exception.
She awakened the blood of the beast inside her as a toddler.
This power soon finds its usefulness, and she is worshiped as one of the Six Ovates by the people of Fomoire.
She is given the task of guarding the Holy Forest on the island, mercilessly tearing to shreds any outsiders who attempt to sully its sanctity.
"You don't look like an intruder, so can you tell Raphan why fate has guided you to this place?"

Backstory 4

Raphan is also seen as an anomaly among Six Ovates.
The Ovates all possess unique abilities, which somehow lead to the oddity of their personalities but they certainly have something in common, that is, acting like an Ovate and keeping a distance from the ordinary folks.
Yet Raphan is nothing like that.
Being reckless, greedy, and lazy, she has a terrible personality and often plays tricks on others, all of which have nothing to do with an Ovate guarding this land.
She is really a big headache for Norn, the head of the Six Ovates.