Backstory 1

Originally a sorcerer versed in various conjuring, she followed Protector Asherah into the War of Protectors. After victory, she was appointed by Asherah to manage the day-to-day affairs of Irminsul. She is deeply revered and loved by the people.

Backstory 2

Before the Magical Abnormality, she took a girl from Fomoire Island as her apprentice and taught her everything she knew. The girl lived up to expectations and later became a powerful Ovate.

Backstory 3

In the aftermath of the Magical Abnormality, the people of Irminsul turned into all kinds of magical creatures. Seeing this, she determined to grow her magic so that she would be strong enough to save them. However, her magic backfired and she became a monster herself.

Backstory 4

She was devastated by this change along with the physical changes she was experiencing. Her faith collapsed, leaving her a distorted obsession to protect her people.