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First Encounter

Hi! I am Sotheby. As you can see, I am an excellent and knowledgeable lady!Huh, that farmer ... he actually owns a whole group of bicorns!

Suitcase Climate

There are many arcane animals that only come out in the rain ... Ah ... What has just flown away?!

To the Future

Ms. Moissan told me the nutritional supplement formula I made couldn't be universal. But it's fine. I believe in the future, everyone will use it!


Huh, is no one here now? Then I will read my diary out aloud!


Welcome to Typhon's Movie Party!


Good morning. Is Regulus here? I heard she was hard up recently. I was wondering if I could help.

Bond: Morning

Everyone says "the early bird catches the worm." But I have just been looking outside for a long time ... And haven't found any birds or worms ...


Sounds like the roar of a wild beast, also like the spooky hoof of the underworld ... I got it! It must be the Nightmare galloping away! ... Huh? The engine? What is that?

Bond: Night

I just bought a rare and strong bicorn. I heard it only came out at night ... A bull? Eh? Am I tricked? And ... does bull have anything to do with beef?

Hat and Hair

Stop it! You can't just touch an adult's head!

Sleeves and Hands

The egg of the Wraith is one fingerbreadth, the beak of the Phoenix is three fingerbreadths, while the tail of the Arcane Python measures the length of a whole finger ...

Clothing and Torso

This is Typhon, the hero of Auto Island! Fight against the evil Jupiter every day!


I'll have the most fun in a party! Singing and dancing make me happy.But my favorites are all about snacks, cakes and puddings!


Ms. Moissan is my tutor. She taught me a lot of "common knowledge"! Without her, there would be no outstanding and knowledgeable lady Sotheby!


... You're here! My experiment is almost the last step. Go find 500 grams of liquid gold and help me settle it!

Chitchat Ⅰ

There are many Auto Islands on the Thames. Which will Typhon live on?

Chitchat Ⅱ

It must not feel well to be hungry, right? Everyone says the nutritional supplement I made won't work. How can I adjust it?


The outside world is different from what I imagined. There are more arcane animals than I thought ... Humans are also more interesting!


Let's have a party then!


Wow, so many things that I haven't seen ...!

Select Incantation Ⅰ

What's this?

Select Incantation Ⅱ

What's that?

Select 3-star Incantation

This is my best formula!

Select Ultimate

I know what this is!

Cast Arcane Skill Ⅰ

Ah ... it seems to be mixed up ... It should be fine, right?

Cast Arcane Skill Ⅰ

I tripled the ingredients this time!

Cast Arcane Skill Ⅱ

Typhon won't give up his friends, neither will Sotheby!

Cast Arcane Skill Ⅱ

The ingredient store owner said it was very effective ... Please believe me!

Summon Ultimate

This is the gift well prepared for you!

Incoming Ⅰ

Bodyguards! Where are the bodyguards?!

Incoming Ⅱ

Wua ...

Battle Victory

I've already said that Sotheby doesn't need a bodyguard!


The expenses ... Shall I reimburse them all?

Bottom of Insight

The outside world is much bigger ... than I thought ...