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First Encounter

I'm Oliver Fog, special commissioner of the London Climate Management Agency.Three hours from getting off ... Ok, let's start.

Suitcase Climate

What a lovely day ... I want to go for a walk. We couldn't have asked for a better sun where I lived.

To the Future

You really want to go to the future? ... Do you think those smog factory will destroy the whole world?


Rest time is also included in work time. Both office workers and British people should master the talent of looking for tea time.


You're here ... Hey, maybe you can help me with my homework?


The last time I was in the mood for a morning walk was when all I had to do was go to school. ... Still vivid in my mind.

Bond: Morning

... Getting up is easier in the summer. In the winter, it's not easy work.


Being off duty, such a wonderful resting time. Well, now let me prepare my book bag ...

Bond: Night

... Sometimes I think that you may need to have more rest. People with great responsibility are always absorbed by their work and neglect many other things.

Hat and Hair

The Fogwalker's hat doesn't fit me, it's too heavy ... Although my father honored it very much, it's just a job.

Sleeves and Hands

You can't catch the fog ... The only thing you can catch are the things that can be caught ... like catching the time to get off work.

Clothing and Torso

A small lad with a lot of thoughts. That's what many people think about me. But I think they're numb. It may not be a bad thing to love your job, but isn't it a good thing to love your life?


The yellow daffodil is the prettiest flower. It reminds me of the glorious St David's Day holiday.


It is said that "Able men are always busy." Your high working efficiency may bring you harm.


Uh ... I really don't want to get up today, please just tell others you haven't seen me.

Chitchat Ⅰ

I'm planning to write to the queen about lowering the retirement age of some special types of work.

Chitchat Ⅱ

There are people who do screw driving, juggling, dung picking, so of course there are people dealing with the fog. People who have hands should work, either for living, for self-achieving ... or other things.


They had claimed that the Fogs are incredibly essential to London. In that case, why didn't they put the emission reduction plan on the agenda earlier?


I seldom work together with others, but this is not bad.


Very well, the enemies don't seem to be in the habit of wearing gas masks.

Select Incantation Ⅰ

Just in time.

Select Incantation Ⅱ

Just as planned.

Select 3-star Incantation

Brilliant efficiency.

Select Ultimate

Please hold your breath.

Cast Arcane Skill Ⅰ

Umbrella, and a wand.

Cast Arcane Skill Ⅰ

Hold your breath.

Cast Arcane Skill Ⅱ

Step it up ... Everyone.

Cast Arcane Skill Ⅱ

Cheer up.

Summon Ultimate

... Just take it as a trip to London.

Incoming Ⅰ

Ugh ... it's illegal!

Incoming Ⅱ

Ugh ...

Battle Victory

3 hours 15 minutes left ... No, nothing, let's move on to the next.


If everyone could make such an effort, perhaps London would have been freed from the fog a long time ago ... Of course, the faster way is to shut down those factories.

Bottom of Insight

If the fog in London fades, I will be a special effects artist for stage or film ... the kind that specializes in making smoke.